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Looking back at this I think I can still tie this into mostly what's being done with the rest of the universe [except of course for what's been happening in GLC and GL].

His power level will make him know something is off on REBIRTH Earth as soon as he gets settled in. He won't know the new52 Wally, he'll remember classic Wally and Roy Harper and thinking he was in the Titans and the Justice League. He'll have dreams of Donna but forget their retconned past for the most part. And dream about his mother dying.

Yeah, definitely gonna pick this one back up. Got some different looks I'm playing with for Kyle's new Ion suit, but the general color scheme and line breaks will be inspired more by his classic suit. Ohm is on deck for a beating, and I mentioned bringing back the newer Tattooed Man, I'm thinking about bringing back an oldie like Purgatory.

Anybody looking at this? Give me feedback!! Once I settle on his look moving forward I'll have the next chapter or two posted.

EDIT: I already settled on the symbol LOL


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