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Kyle's power levels as a White Lantern and as this new version of Ion have him remembering things from both version of the universe. He doesn't remember everything, but his League membership and Aquaman with a hook hand stand out as well as Wally being the one and only Flash in a red suit.

I actually brainstormed a few more plots earlier while replying to a PM. Fans of Kyle's earlier adventures as a GL [his 'rookie' year between issues #51-100], Judd Winick's Hand of God/Ion saga, as well as his time later under Ron Marz pen in the Ion maxi series... yeah I think I've got the Kyle fix you're all looking for. I had a lot of fun with the Dark Lantern series, but this lighter toned Kyle weaving into what's going on in the current comics is [for me] a blast.

I'm speaking with my editors [my inner monologues] about bringing back another lost character from the 90's outside of what I already have plotted. It's a bit more of a task though with this one, everything else I've written has been coming along pretty organically. I'll have to do some fact checking with this Mr. Oz character and who he's abducted thus far post-Rebirth. Should have the next chapter up this time next week. Got the next three chapters already plotted out...

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