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Originally Posted by Razorgod View Post
No proof? Sony issued a statement that flat out said that they didn't tell users of potential exposure because they "didn't want to panic anyone".

That's pretty damning evidence of putting their PR concerns above the concerns for the health of their users identities.

I'm glad you think sitting on that information for a week is "fast". But when it comes to my livelihood and financial well being, any hesitancy is too much.

If you want a good example of how a company should handle a security breach was the late April hacking of Epsilon, which is linked to Best Buys customer records. On April 22nd, a security breach was discovered and it was unknown how much information had been lifted, if any, on April 22nd, I received an email from Best Buy/Epsilon warning me of possible card theft/phishing attempts that might arise from said breach. As well as what I should beware of and how to protect myself.

EDIT: sorry, their exact words were that they delayed notice because they didnt want to "lead [Sony's customers] to take unnecessary actions if the information was not fully corroborated by forensic evidence."
Thanks for doing the legwork, and cosigned.
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