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Kyle Rayner ventured into unknown space at the edge of the known universe where the Source Wall once stood. Debris was everywhere as well as an unknown energy. The faint energy trail left by Hal’s ring before he crossed into the uncharted sectors some six weeks earlier was hard enough to track already. It wasn’t long after Honor Guard Lantern Kyle Rayner entered the unknown parts of the universe in search of his friend that his ring began losing power.

“Unknown energy negatively effecting Oan tech, return to known space and report. Power levels at 76% and declining rapidly…” the ring began repeating like an alarm clock.

“My name is Kyle Rayner. I’ve been a Green Lantern for awhile now. At times I’ve been much more. But right now it looks like if I don’t turn around I‘m gonna be….”

“Unknown energy negatively effecting Oan tech, return to known space and report. Power levels at 68% and declining rapidly…”

Chapter 1 – “POWERLESS.”

Space Sector: 0, the planet Oa….

Kyle Rayner was now in a meeting with Lanterns Salaak and Kilowog, as well as Lanterns Stel and Torquemada just outside the Central Power Battery.

“The energy is both cosmic AND magical, with a little bit of the unknown thrown into the mix. The only thing that is certain is….” the hooded Torquemada began before being interrupted by the technological Stel.

“That it depletes the power of our rings as soon as we venture into unknown space. There could be a way around it.” Stel responded looking like some anime robot in green.

“But could Hal have known that before his ring went dead? Damn poozer always flies by the seat of his pants!” Kilowog commented further with a snarl.

“It is of upmost importance we find Hal Jordan so that he may report his discoveries to the Guardians. Any information about the universe beyond where the Source Wall once stood will be invaluable to the Guardians. Lanterns Stel and Rayner, come up with something to get around the unknown space sectors’ effects on our rings. Kilowog, if we can’t get rings to function we may need to call in some favors outside of the Corps…” Salaak instructed.

“Stel and I worked for what seemed like days. And it likely was seeing as how an Oan day lasted nearly thirty-seven Earth hours to the twenty-four I’m used to. I felt like a video-game developer trying to come up with something for kids twelve and under….” Kyle thought to himself after countless hours of sketching and working alongside Stel to put the power of the rings into other devices.

“I’m not a super savvy tech guy. But when I came across old blueprints in the Foundry for the Manhunter robots…. Stel and I finally had somewhere else to start. We managed to put most of the properties of the ring into a pistol similar to what the Manhunters wielded. It had a finite charge, with the personal force field, and flight. The battery as well as a different type of A.I. I developed with Stel was reworked into a small star-cruiser. If ‘Wog had hair and Stel was spray-painted gold I’d be a stand-in for Han Solo.”

Kyle stepped into the personal quarters of Hal that was on Oa. Hal had left his father’s jacket, a picture of Carol, and a couple changes of clothes. A cell phone from about nine years earlier was also in a drawer with a few old contacts like Barry and Ollie on a piece of paper.

Kyle took one look at the jacket hanging on the back of an Oan chair. Some time later he was stepping out of the quarters of Torquemada with the jacket in hand.

Hours later….

Kyle showed up to a hangar in a different type of suit. Since the ring wasn’t in his arsenal he couldn’t depend on it for the usual attire. Instead he had what looked like light body armored black gloves and pants with a green shirt and black mask. He also had a belt with a holster for the green gun and a GL symbol for a buckle. He had Hal’s jacket in his hands.

“What’re you gonna do with THAT, poozer? Something happens to Hal’s jacket and he’ll….” Kilowog began.

“He’ll be glad to see it. Trust me.” Kyle responded with a smirk. “Who’d we manage to get for this field trip, Salaak?” Kyle asked walking up to the ship.

“We reached out to everyone that we could, save for the House of Zod. Orion wished to be a part of this, however he is currently tied up with Mister Miracle. After that human in the space taxi was pulled over for false tags and ID in sector 0421 we confiscated his ship and put the mother-box warp drive into your star cruiser. Kilowog has agreed to join you even without a ring.” Salaak explained.

“Kilowog’s like the meanest drill sergeant mixed with Barney the Dinosaur on steroids.” Kyle thought as Kilowog powered down after removing his ring and giving it back to Salaak.

“Is it really just gonna be the two of us? I knew I should’ve brought my old classics mix CD!” Kyle asked patting the larger Lantern.

“Of course not, we also reached out to the Justice League of your Earth….” Salaak continued as two heroes came down from the cargo bay.

Hawkgirl and what appeared to be the Atom walked off of the star cruiser. Hawkgirl was sporting more silver and gold armor to match her current wings. Her helmet looked like something out of a cyberpunk anime from decades earlier, and after she removed it there was the tough demeanor of a short haired Kendra Saunders. The Atom, in size, resembled an old giant Power Rangers figure from the 90's. He couldn't have been more than two or three feet tall.

“Is that you Ray? Why’re you only two feet tall? Your dwarf star get ED?” Kyle joked.

“The energy from the Source Wall affected my belt as well as hundreds of others in the Milky Way Galaxy. After it malfunctioned in the microverse I got stuck this size trying to revert to normal. I’m coming along to study these new energy signatures and try to get back to regular size. Others back on Earth need rescuing as much as Hal.” responded the Atom in a red and blue tech suit refitted for space.

“Wog!? You ready to boldly go…?” Kyle began to say before Kilowog revved the engines of the ship.

“So not only are we looking for Hal we’re also studying these strange energies. This is looking more and more like something out of Star Trek. I got nothing better to do though.” Kyle thought before speaking to the ship’s new AI.

“A.L.E.X., are you online?” Kyle asked setting down in the captain's chair.

A hologram of a female resembling his ex that was killed some time after he first got the ring appeared.

“Awaiting command.” the floating green woman responded.

“Let’s go find Hal!” Kyle yelled as the group took off from the surface of Oa.

Five weeks ago….

Unknown sector.

Hal Jordan’s eyes opened and he struggled to get to his feet. His right arm was busted and he couldn’t run. His ring was dead. His suit was damaged. Fire and what looked like debris from a destroyed alien city was all around.

“What could do this? What the hell happened to my ring?” Hal asked himself staggering forward. He laid low when signs of an invading force marched through.

Three weeks ago…

Hal managed to find a camp of alien refugees from various planets. He was still beat up looking and desperately in need of food.

“Any chance one of you speaks English?” he asked as a tiny robot flew in front of his face and scanned him.


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