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Originally Posted by Big Daddy Dave Skywalker View Post
I feel like any itch I had for Marvel has been more than scratched. I still haven't seen Ant Man 2 and no way am I going to bother with Captain Marvel. I'll see Avengers 4 but after that I really don't have a lot I need from Marvel. They have done almost any characters I remotely care about as I am a lifelong DC guy. I would love to see them do the Sub Mariner. And to see Marvel do the FF properly.

After that I only have hopes that WB can get some of my childhood DC heroes done as well as Nolan's Batman, WW and Aquaman turned out. And then I am kind of done with super hero movies
This is me to a certain extent. I saw the trailer and wasn't really moved by it. Marvel is pretty one note with most of their movies and of their 20 or so films I've maaaaybe seen half?

I love me some C and D list characters, doesn't matter which company owns them. I highly doubt I'll ever see even a quarter of them live action or animated.

There's a few things I want to see at this point from Marvel. The Fantastic 4 done right, a brawl between the Hulk and Thing in live action, and to see how they incorporate the mutants into their universe and how much more or less cannon the MCU interpretations will be. I'd love to see the Invaders in the MCU with Namor now since you mentioned him...

As for DC there's a few characters I want to see in live action either on the CW, the DCU app, or in film. Since Ragman was done on Arrow already my top picks would be Metamorpho [or they could use 'the Element Man' alias], Captain Atom, and the Question.

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