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Hal had never been 100% irredeemable, even if Batman sure thought so at the time.
But everything he did, every line he crossed, he meant to undo anyway, first with the power of the Central Battery, later through Zero Hour. To him, those were necessary and reversable steps on the way to the big retcon that Johns later provided.

When they started to move away from that characterization in Parallax View (because editorial didn't allow the original plan of Hal creating a new Silver Age world where everything was like Earth-1 before Crisis), he also started his road to redemption, with major steps being the Final Night Parallax one-shot, the ending to Final Night and then Day of Judgment. Continuing his stint as the Spectre and slowly burning away his own sins would have been a great alternative to Rebirth. But instead, Johns decided to throw out the whole orphanage along with the bathwater.
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