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Originally Posted by Dave Cormier View Post
I was a casual Star Trek fan, and still am. I only liked the original series and Next Gen. At one point I had all the 60s series on vhs, and I've seen every movie since Stra Trek II in the theater on opening night. I still have most of the Playmate 9" dolls from the 90s, and a dozens of the 5" figures they made, all sitting in boxes collecting dust in my attic.

Hated Voyager, missed most of DS9, and never even gave Enterprise a chance. By the time the last few movies came out I was pretty burned out on Trek and washed my hands of it. Star Wars was always my real passion anyway.

I thought I'd hate the new movie and was against the new cast. Saw it on opening night anyway (didn't want to break tradition), and absolutely LOVED it. If they make movies like that with the new cast, I'll keep seeing them in the theater. No interest in a new tv series though.
the only way i would ever watch a new tv series is if they somehow have the movie cast involved with it and have jj direct it.

other than that i welcome another film
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