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Originally Posted by Mister Ed View Post
Mandatory R&R seems rather out-of-character for something the Guardians would have written, in almost any version I can think of. Even when they were depicted as competent and wise, they didn't usually seem to give a lot of thought to the comfort of the mortals under their command.
Which is why it'd only be mandatory for the Honor Guardsman.

I attribute it to such laws like "mandatory breaks for X amount of work, yadda yadda.."

In my mind the Honor Guard would get more large scale action and would need more time to heal both physically and mentally. A GLC title would likely have equal amounts of Council, Honor Guard, and standard GLs. Then once in awhile we get a Kyle or Guy story on Earth or possibly staying in their Sector House.

EDIT: To me, the only thing the GLC comic has ever really lacked in was structure within the Corps. Just a little more could go a long way.

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