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Originally Posted by Big Daddy Dave Targaryen I View Post
You know what would be amusing to me? If DC did another GL event where every super hero and super villain in the current DCU gets a colored power ring, and then DC left it that way. 20 years from now, kids would be reading the adventures of Superman: Blue Lantern. Or Wonder Woman: Queen of the Indigo Tribe. The Joker and Darkseid would be wielding yellow and black rings together to plague the Justice Spectrum of America.

And just leave it that way forever. And ever. Because comic fans deserve it.
That would sort of be the reverse of the time they told us that Superman would have gotten the ring except for a rules technicality, and Hal only got it because Clark picked him out of a group of like eight candidates, just because he had happened to interview Hal earlier.

Basically taking something from one comic and using it to override what makes another comic book character special.
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