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Geoff's love of all things badass also explains why he gave ongoings to Sinestro and Larfleeze. So that's three GL ongoings, along with The New Guardians and Green Lanterns, that should never have happened. DC needs to recognize that Geoff ran out of ideas for this property long ago and should have nothing more to do with it.

It's just fundamental that a villain can't carry an ongoing comic. The fact that DC thought Geoff could somehow make that setup work shows how overconfident the company has been in his ideas. His bosses were equally overconfident in his ability to sell a Green Lantern ongoing that stars Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, and one that was about his replacement for the classic concept of the Guardians. That's five GL ongoings that were Geoff's concepts and that have bombed.

Anyway, once you cast a villain or an anti-hero in a comic as its star, you have to water him down to make him palatable to the readers, and that makes the concept collapse quickly.

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