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As for your question about Kyle specifically, it all depends on how many comic fans who were kids in the mid 90s that became GL fans because of Kyle will still be around reading comics in 20 years. Some characters have been engrained into comic culture through multiple generations. Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Peter Parker...all characters who have 50 to 80 years behind them and multiple generations of fans. Kyle doesn't have that luxury. His time was 10 years, which is pretty impressive as his character kept the title afloat by himself that entire time. But it just seems smaller and smaller in the grand scheme of things as more time goes by. It's now been 13 years since that 10 year reign ended. Because of that I think ultimately it depends on how many fans stick around for 20 years who specifically came in at that crucial time of circa 1995.

I personally don't think Kyle will be considered relavant in 20 years, but not so much because of dwindling Kyle fans as dwindling comic book fans as a whole.
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