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It's really hard to say what will be going on 20 years from now, but at the current trajectory, I think the answer is no.

Kyle Rayner will certainly never be a mere footnote in Green Lantern lore like I think Simon Baz will, but the character hasn't been relevant for a very long time already. While it's difficult to say what the future of "Big 2" comics will be, many of the actual characters and concepts that originated from comics are very healthy and enduring. People love superheroes and they have for decades! I don't think that will change, or at least it shows no signs of changing. Indeed, you can make a very strong case that people love superheroes now more than ever before. However, they tend to love them outside of comics.

Kyle Rayner had an impressive comic book run, but what he has always severely lacked are notable appearances in other (beloved) media. I would say his most notable appearance was a single episode of Superman: The Animated Series from about... psh... what was it now? 22 years ago or something?

A lack of outside media presence and relatively weak support from DC makes me skeptical that people will care all that much about the character 20 years from now. There's just nothing now to suggest that he will get many new fans going forward, which is vital for relevance.

But! In 1991 who would have believed you if you told them that Iron Man would be more popular than the X-Men and be Marvel's biggest hero? Or for something closer to topic, who would have believed you if you told them that John Stewart would be on the popular Justice League cartoon with Kevin Conroy's Batman? At the time, there was no reason to think the character would even be a contender for that slot.
You never really know what might happen. Something totally unexpected could happen and cause some sort of zeitgeist or something.

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