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Originally Posted by Space Cop View Post
Also, Andrew has more Hal love than I realized.
I noticed that immediately and questioned if Hal as Parallax was more interesting to him than Kyle LOL. Seven of the ten of his 'Top 10' directly included Hal/Parallax. I'm a bit bummed he didn't include a few other highlights. IDK if I'll have ten, but here's a few in no particular order.

1.) GL #55 - The Zero Hour tie-in had the younger Alan Scott telling a rookie Kyle about the legacy before him.

2.) Hero Quest [issues #71-73] - Kyle learns a few new lessons from heroes such as Batman, Alan Scott [now called Sentinel], Wonder Woman, and Capt. Marvel/Shazam.

3.) GL/Sentinel Heart of Darkness - A three issue mini that has Kyle team up with Alan to rescue Jade from the sentient Starheart and her mind controlled brother Obsidian.

4.) GL/Flash Faster Friends - I can't remember if this was written by Marz, but it dealt with the struggling friendship/rivalry of GL and Flash before they were in the JLA together. Kyle wasn't a JLA member till the #80's issues of his run IIRC.

5.) Burning in Effigy - Kyle is given an arch-nemesis and Marz toys with the idea of an opposing force to the GLC made up of different alien adversaries. Issues #113-114 introduced the character after several end of the issue cameos beforehand, and later used the concept in his final arc through #121-124.

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