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Default What if GL Appeared in Supergirl?









Everybody that's been waiting and hoping for Hal/GL to appear in one of his best friends' shows might as well stop getting your hopes up.

I'm surprised nobody has connected the dots in another thread, but Supergirl will be the only show/Earth that uses aliens. They've already used Martian Manhunter, Mon-El, and white Martians... so how long before we see a Lantern? Thing is though, with Supergirl... would they try and push the female Lantern? Would we get something of a Superman TAS approach where Cruz get's Abin's ring rather than Hal? Maybe Tomar Re could crashland on Earth while searching sector 2814 for Abin?

Unless a Crisis happens and the Earth's merge, Supergirl is the only show GL CAN show up on.

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