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God's Outlaw: The Story of William Tyndale (1986)

"Tyndale is no coward, but when his own brother is paraded about-face on a horse and branded a heretic by none less than the Lord Chancellor . . .
-Yes, that was impolitic."

The Thing from Another World (1951)

"Think of what it means to the world!
-I'm not working for the world. I'm working for the Air Force."

Just felt in a mood to watch this again and wrangled the fam into it (well, the DVD actually belongs to Mom). It was definitely a cut above the average 50s B movie and I attribute that mostly to Howard Hawks' direction. I remember another director (maybe George Romero) talking about how it was unique in having people talk over each other. It's not the first movie to do so, but that kind of real-life attention was unusual for a sci-fi monster movie of the day.

Originally Posted by Agent Purple View Post
I think this is both the funniest and meanest thing I've heard you say in a long time.
Okay, I promise that if it ever comes up in real life, I will seriously consider saving the little girl before the Camaro.

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