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Captain America: Civil War (2016)

"Can you move your seat forward?"

The more I see of Bucky/Winter Soldier, the more I like him (and I didn't like him very much in the comics). Guy should have his own solo flick, seriously.

I'm glad they handle Crossbones as they do(remember how he nearly became the new Juggernaut? Because nobody cared about that when it happened). Didn't expect the unmasking to go quite as it did, but damn if it wasn't a powerful moment.

And speaking of powerful, this film really hit you in the feels (must really leave the "sequels are inferior" crowd where it hurts).

Black Panther was great, made me remember first seeing him in the 1990s Fantastic Four cartoon. Outfit looked incredible, actor was everything you could ask for.

As for the villain, Helmut Zemo, he was truly chilling. I'm always going to know him as the man who launched the devastating Avengers Under Siege story (still need to read that whole thing, dunno if I even have a trade of it). They really redefined him here, and that was probably the hardest thing to do because he is not a character that needs it, he's so damn tremendous.

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The airport fight was stunning in so many ways. Really had some good laughs, and it was especially meta how Sam complains about Peter's gabbing.

And speaking of Peter, I was satisfied with how he was done...except for Aunt May. After seeing her as an old crone for so long, it is truly jarring seeing her looking like she's about to drop a platinum-selling country rock album.

Also liked how T'Challa finished the post-credits scene with "come at me, bro" flair. Majestic of him.

I need to grab this on DVD, naturally.
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