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Night of the Demon 1957

"All good scientists are from Missouri: in other words, they should continually be saying, 'Show me.'"

Very good British horror movie about an American skeptic/psychologist (Dana Andrews) who investigates the death of his friend and the Satanic cult he was writing about only to have a curse he doesn't believe in put on him.

Kronos: Ravager of Planets (1957)

"The picture was probably a dog anyway."

Originally Posted by Agent Purple View Post
Captain America: Civil War (2016) . . . The more I see of Bucky/Winter Soldier, the more I like him (and I didn't like him very much in the comics). . .
It's funny you say that (since our tastes are normally close) because I haven't seen this movie yet (I'm sure I will eventually) and the main reason is because I did not like Winter Soldier at all and I particularly hated Bucky with his angsty attitude and very un-soldierlike teardrop hair.

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