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Halloween Resurrection (2002)

"America don't like reality."

Halloween H20:Twenty Years Later (1998)

"Hasn't anyone ever told you that second-hand smoke kills?
-Yeah, but they're all dead."

Originally Posted by Agent Purple View Post
Oh my god, it's like I don't even know you anymore, I feel so betrayed.
But yeah, he was hard to get into in WS. He's a ton better here.
Ha. Yeah, I think I'm getting burned out on all the comic blockbusters. I don't really get excited about them and a lot of them that people love I feel "meh" or actually dislike.
Actually, Bucky was only part of the reason I've dragged my feet. I generally don't like (there's a few exceptions) stories where people are framed, the good guys have deep, dark plans or the heroic team starts in-fighting. They were already starting that us vs. them stuff in Avengers 2 and Winter Soldier and I have the slightest feeling it might continue in Civil War. I want Cap and Iron Man banding together against Zemo not fighting each other.

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