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Originally Posted by Kane2814 View Post
It's become cliche at this point (Robin in "Dark Knight Rises," Butch in "Gotham," really being SG, etc...), but I get it. Comic fandom knows everyone by their real names so it becomes almost impossible to surprise anyone when we all know what's supposed to happen to a character the second they appear and that takes away a lot of the drama. I was also disappointed in the Vigilante reveal, but I am glad that they're making him an important character, rather than a throw-away or a scrub.

As for it being Greg Saunders, they've said it's going to be a character we've seen before. (which doesn't mean that they won't pull the same trick and reveal that his "real name" is Greg Saunders, but I doubt they'd pull that trick again with Vigilante) Maybe they'll pull a Winter Soldier and reveal it's actually a brain-washed Roy...

As for Hal or any GL on "Supergirl," I wouldn't mind an appearance when she's in space and we are introduced to their existence in an impressive way, but don't really have to have a full-on team-up, because I'd be afraid their tv budget would make GL look bad.
You really shouldn't worry. This season's episode "Far From the Tree" was beyond anything I thought that we would see on TV in my lifetime in terms of CGI. It had multiple shape-shifting aliens, various types of alien artifacts, a transforming car-ship, multiple types of energy projection, and several otherworldly backdrops. A couple of episodes with GL wouldn't be difficult compared to that.

I'm still hoping for an adaptation of Red Daughter of Krypton. Even if it's something as simple as Atrocitus showing up and pretending to be Kara's friend so he can trick her into putting on a red ring, it would be a fitting way for a GL to enter the show and give her enough knowledge of a red lantern ring so that she could remove it.
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