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I never really liked Rafa Sandoval's art. I know a lot of people do, but he just never really clicked with me. He's just kinda' okay-ish to me, and I never really looked forward to seeing his stuff. He's not a bad artist, and he's done some really cool figure work of the character's flying sometimes, but I just never really liked his style, I guess. That, and he draws some of the characters REALLY weird. Examples: Kyle Rayner's mullet-ish hairstyle, Soranik Natu's weird hair, Arisia's weird hair, when she shows up, but I actually recall seeing a picture of her by him really recently that wasn't so bad.

I feel similarly about Doug Mahnke. An artist a lot of people hold in really high regard, but I only think he's kinda' all right, I never look forward to his artwork, and he draws some characters weird to my eye.

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