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Kyle's ring (and lantern?) got depowered ages ago, so Kyle's ring/lantern is no better than any of the other GLC rings.

This storyline's making Hal Jordan's ring the unique one.

Kyle also failed spectacularly to bring back the Blue Lantern Corps from the dead, the same way Sinestro couldn't bring back the planet Koragar when he took Kyle's white ring from him in one episode. So there's been multiple depowering of Kyle over the last two years.

As for the new Guardians, why didn't John Stewart demand they stop wearing the red/white robes and be Templar Guardians among the GLC members, as shown in GL #20's future? It would be much better to have Guardians replace the Alpha Lanterns' positions, rather than be another High Council.

Someone answer me this: if Hal Jordan et al are fighting Zod & family, where's Sodam Yat? If Zod's kid is making fun of beating up Guy Gardner, then bring in the Daxamite with a power ring. Someone who doesn't get beat up by the superfast Kryptonians when their willpower flickers.
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