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Far Sector #2 was...ugh. Nothing happened. We get a suspect/murderer chase, which the main character loses, followed by some more alien interaction, concluding with (predictable) alien seduction. Because every alien culture has ballroom dance that matches with human physiology. With a tiny cliffhanger ending.

The big emphasis on this entire plot so far are aliens that have "locked their emotions away" for the "good of all". So having a human with emotions (in check) both surprises and startles the multiple alien races. The black female main character cannot even tell the other alien races why humans having emotions is a good thing (and it's hinted that she was about to say how emotionless humans are called sociopaths, etc), before something else happens that tears her away from her murder-because-of-emotion investigation. Apparently we have at least one alien carnivorous race that used emotion to track/kill its' prey on the old home world, and injecting that bit of history is the reason all aliens on this massive space station now go without emotion.

A bit like ST:Voy having the Borg Queen state "humans are the perfect balance of emotion and logic", here we have aliens stating the same about humans. I wish they would tell the Guardians of the Universe that. Even Nekron recognized it. But in the "Four Horsemen" vs. the Controllers arc, Ganthet mentioned how "uncontrollable" most humans are.

1/5 stars. Artwork was passable. I didn't read a single line about the main character's Green Lantern Power Ring being "different", rumors to the contrary. Characterizations? Eh, who cares, it's the "miracle-working black woman" again. I'd rate the issue 0/5 stars, but I'm starving for new Green Lanterns/other Lantern issues here, given what's happening with Blackstars.

Are the DC editors trying to drive away all the GL fans before March 2020? Because they're doing a good job of it, sans "GLC live-action!" and a single preview of four b&w pages.
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