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Originally Posted by Superlantern View Post
didn't Kilowog try to bring back his planet with his ring and not get in trouble with the guardians
There are a couple of differences.

One, the Guardians were gone at that point, or at least all but one, and the one that was left was a bit odd.

Two, Kilowog actually SAVED the life-essences of his race in his ring. I don't think the Guardians have any problem with SAVING lives. He, and some other GLs, then Bolovax-formed a planet for them to live on, so he could release them from his ring.

When Hal intitially caught flak from the Guardians, he was ringing up a big, fake Coast City, with fake inhabitants to make his mentally unhinged self feel better. It can be argued that this form of dealing with his grief was beneficial (I think it was drawing him further and further from reality, but the argument can be made), but it was mainly a personal benfit, and wasn't REALLY saving any lives, or even bringing any back, which is, presumably why they didn't like it (though their callousness and poor timing seemed, IMHO, to have been exaggerated for that scene, because the story required Hal to get really mad at them right then).
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