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I'd say Jurgens is hit or miss but... he just doesn't have that many hits at all. He only wrote issues #15-31 of that Booster Gold series and that was coming off of the initial run beginning with a ten issue arc (as well as a #0 issue) written by none other than Geoff Johns. I only bring up Aquaman & the Others and Firestorm because it's more recent.

You wanna bring up his latest run of Batman Beyond (which I think is his most recent work) as a counterpoint? That's so off my radar I didn't even know he was the one writing it! The first issue sold a solid 60k + before losing nearly a third of it's readers by issue #2 with 41k + in sales. Issue #3 had just under 33k in sales. Skip forward to issue #10 and it's down to just under 23k + in sales. Look at the most recent issue I can find the numbers for and you're looking at a whopping 16k + in sales for issue #19.

Yeah.... you think THAT track record is gonna save GLs?!

I'll give you that Booster Gold series, but that sold because of the timing around Infinite Crisis and the whole 'see the future of the DCU on Rip Hunter's chalk board' gimmick. If you're talking about that 90's era Teen Titans that had losers like Risk and the teen aged Atom... that's always been remembered as one of the franchise' low points.

EDIT: And before anybody thinks I'm just hating on the guy, I'm actually a fan of a good deal of his work. His stuff around the time of Death and Return of Superman was awesome. And despite nearly everyone hating the idea of a teen Ray Palmer, I bought into it just like I did the de-aged Alan Scott. I also really wish DC would've tried harder with the Others spin-off.

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