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Originally Posted by Gauntlet101010 View Post
They probably confused them with Sinestro himself - figured they were other Krugerians. The early days of comics, what can I tell you?

Oh my God, you have no idea. In GL V2 150 the Qwardians create an Antimatter Green Laneter Corps that wears blue, has blue rings, yet shoot "black" light. Beams that are drawn exactly like GL beams, but are colored grey! And yet they are still called the Antimatter "Green" Lantern Corps!

In another issue, Eclipso creatres a "negative" image of Hal - complete with a ring. Think "black and white photo" negative. So it's all black with white shadows, right? That means a black ring. But this ring shoots red light (with purple being his weakness)!

corny days of comic books
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