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Ivan Reis is extremely good. There's no denying that. He's a strong contender for best Green Lantern artist of all time...

BUT I think the single best Green Lantern artist is Neal Adams. He was so influential that he essentially changed the way comics were drawn. And beyond that his stuff just consistently looks really good.

After him... Hmm...

I don't know. It actually may be Ivan Reis.

Green Lantern, to me, has a long history of having really good solid artists who do a great job that you can't complain about, yet somehow lack that extra "something" that puts them clearly over their peers and takes them over the top. Guys like Mark Bright, Doug Mahnke, Daryl Banks, and Paul Pelletier are all really good, but somehow I guess they lack something in their vision or style that puts them on the level of Neal Adams. I think Ivan Reis does, too, but he's probably the best really, really, REALLY solid guy that you can't complain about. I mean, he does amazing stuff, too, but some people like McFarlane, Adams, and, interestingly Kirby just have something extra in their imaginations that puts them a level above their peers. I actually think Liefeld does, too, which is where his popularity came from. He has something. His art was waaaay different for the time, and it was attention grabbing. He just lacked some technical skills that would allow him to manifest his imagination better. There are artists who have more technical ability, but way less of an interesting and distinct imagination. I always see being imaginative as better, because technical skills... you can just learn that. Some people are just innately imaginative and have different ways of portraying things and that's a tougher thing to learn, I think.

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