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Working on the new exotic holster gear piece for Division 2, which my dad has already unlocked (after significant effort). I make a new build for my main character (my alt isn't leveled yet) and focus on weapon damage wherever possible so that I can burn through enemies, which is critical because you need to do connected activities to raise the alert level to max for each control point you assault (one per faction) to get each piece of the holster before assembly.

I first try against the True Sons at Ivy Tunnel, dying once and almost dying twice more, but I manage to get through it with only mild trouble.

Second go was against the Hyenas, and holy shit was it frustrating. Nearby enemies joining in, allies being knocked around (they were NPCs, but they still got hammered badly), me dying probably a dozen times. I think it was mostly the location of the control point (Cinderblock) that made things especially difficult, but the enemies also kept spawning in right next to me at times, and roaming squads would join in repeatedly, which meant fighting a lot of extra foes that just pushed me harder than it probably should have been.

I only need to do one more level 4 control point, the Outcasts, and then I'm able to move to the next step (guessing putting the thing together, but there might be another hurdle, we'll see). I have put together the Nemesis sniper and the Chatterbox SMG, and I'm going to see about crafting a Liberty pistol. I still haven't seen another Pestilence since way back in World Tier 3 Dark Zone (that one was contaminated anyway, and I wasn't wasting time extracting it).

I'm also thinking about leaving the clan I joined. I'm pretty damn certain that I'm the only person still active (I saw the founder online for a moment yesterday maybe, but other than that, nada), and it's taking fucking forever to level the clan up for bonuses (which, even with Massive lowering the requirements, is a huge effort because they still are set fairly high, some to absurd levels). I think I'll see what the next upgrade to the clan's level is like and then I'll likely ditch it for another clan. I also need to start doing grouped missions and whatnot.
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