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Originally Posted by Mister Ed View Post
I assume the idea is that they feel that Vol. 3 is more tainted by things that were actually in it, not by things the writer did completely independent of it. I kind of feel the same way.

If the comic actually contained child porn (or anything that could be seen as a defense of it) I'd feel it was tainted by that. But I generally don't feel like I have to look into a writer's personal life to determine how I feel about their work, unless the objectionable parts of their personal life actually find their way INTO the work.
Most people who read comics don't know who the names on the books are. Only hardcore comic nerds do. So yeah I think major events in comic history stand out more then these people's personal lives. the masses are just now learning about Bill Finger.

2 years ago I loved Mark Waid's work. We are now just starting to hear what douche he is.
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