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And, as Grant Morrison has said, the Guardians, Oa and the CPB shouldn't be destroyed every few years.

My idea for a reboot was that Sinestro wouldn't even be a GL, let alone "the greatest." (Or is Hal "the greatest?" Or is Muhammad Ali? I forget.) That stuff wasn't even original. Geoff lifted it from the Old Testament, which says that Lucifer was the highest of the angels.

Better: Sinestro would kill Abin Sur with a yellow ring forged by the Weaponers of Qward, and steal his green ring. If I did that story, Guy would end up with Sinestro's yellow ring, besides his green ring, but he'd see no reason to tell anyone about it.

Then you'd never have all this crap about Lanterns misusing their rings, let alone entire rogue Corps.

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