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Originally Posted by Space Cop View Post
^I doubt it's meant to last. It's just because Hal overpowered him to send him home.
Kyle was always meant to have a special ring. He could continue to use this one as a more standard GL, and despite IonFan's protest I'm sure 90% of Kyle's fans would still be game for this. I know the next issue is titled "Hal for a Day" but I could see this being something to better connect the two most popular GL's.

It always turned me off when Hal came back and aside from a few pages here and there he and Kyle NEVER shared an adventure. John became Hal's new sector partner, Guy showed up to help Hal with the Lost Lanterns, etc. Only thing Kyle ever did with Hal was tag team Sinestro at the end of the Sinestro Corps War. And there was that one issue where Hal helped Kyle with Alex Nero in the Ion maxi series.... the two most popular GL's should've been in a few more adventures together than that. That's like handicapping the Batman titles by insisting Batman and Nightwing not partner up but once or twice every couple years. There's just no sense in it.

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