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Originally Posted by Michael Heide View Post
...Continuing his stint as the Spectre and slowly burning away his own sins would have been a great alternative to Rebirth. But instead, Johns decided to throw out the whole orphanage along with the bathwater.
Yeah, but there would be no reason to believe that the GotU let alone the rest of the GLC would receive him back as a GL (which is what I really mean by redeemable here*--going back to square one) and that's all I'm interested in for Hal. Sure he showed regret and made contrition, but that wouldn't be sufficient reason to trust him again with universe's most powerful standard-issue weapon.

But, yeah, if Zero Hour had been a full reset presumably he would've reset himself too with no one (including reset Hal) the wiser. That could've worked because the new Hal would essentially be innocent.

*I'm talking working narrative here, not actual morality since, as Christian, redemption is central to my worldview.

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