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So you want to do away with the iconic origin of Hal meeting Abin Sur, and Abin passing his ring and lantern to him in his dying moments? All to trade in for what, four humans getting rings simulteously in a boring generic fashion? The most memorable super heroes are the ones with great origins. Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Flash all have memorable origins. And the ONLY two GLs that have origins that are the least bit interesting are Alan and Hal. Why you would want to cripple the interest level to a franchise right out of the gate only speaks to your weird desire to see four human GLs start out at the same time in some strange socialist experiment where they are all generically the same at the beginning. I suspect your only real reason for that is your love of Guy Gardner and the hopes that if you strip away anything cool about the other three than Guy would stand out by virtue of his colorful personality.

I'm not even opposed to some changes to the story in a movie for the sake of making it work. For example, the killer of Abin SHOULD be the villain, just not Sinestro. Maybe the Manhunters could be a tool of Sinestro instead of the Qwardians. Or whatever. I just think your ideas are bad. Hal not having Abin's ring to me is almost sucking the cool out of the mythos intentionally.

I think this idea if doing Lethal Weapon in space as a buddy cop movie with Hal and John teaming up is fantastic, and I hope it turns out much better than the 2011 movie. Just move on and not do another origin movie. Perhaps do a recap set to music in the opening credits like they did in the Hulk reboot movie and move on with the story.

You can make changes to a movie, but there's no reason to reboot the comic. All of the problems can be done away with the stroke of a pen without burning everything down.
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