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Following up on what I was saying earlier, DC just doesn't sell that many ongoings that stick. Go to ICV2 or Comichron and count them. They keep launching new ones, but they keep flopping.

I'll be very surprised if any of those new Justice League titles stick, so putting Cruz and Cyborg there doesn't solve anything for those characters. And putting Kyle in an emotional spectrum title would flop too.

There's only so much space on DC's pages for Green Lanterns, which means they're playing a zero-sum game. When they add another Lantern, there's no place to put that character that doesn't indirectly demote an existing one, unless it's in a title that's going to flop anyway.

If Geoff ever finishes Doomsday Clock and the JSA comes back, it'll have Alan, Titans will have Kyle, and Justice League will have John. This is what I've wanted for a long time, and it's finally happening.

What about Hal and Guy? Put Hal in an Earth comic and Guy in a space comic. That's the only thing that makes sense, as I've said forever.

But what about Baz and Cruz? Sorry, no room at the inn. They have to do something else besides be Green Lanterns.

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