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I believe that the only way someone can avoid being taken by a Black Lantern, and subsequently exposing their weakness and destroying them is to be "At Peace" with oneself. Most of our heroes have suffered several setbacks, or had moral or ethical issues, maybe suffering tragic events. I think the tactic of using the dead that are close to the heroes is to keep them emotionally stirred. Firstly so the Black Lantern can consume their emotion filled hearts, and to stop them from being able to somehow overcome the Black Lanterns. The heroes are going to be forced to come to terms with the messed up events they have fought through the past decade or so. Like Hal's dad's death, Wonder Woman murdering someone, or even Barry's confusion about his return. That's what "At Peace" means. You aren't devoid of emotion, but you are in control of them. We can see several heroes with conflicting emotions, Like Clark and Kyle. This is because they are faced with Black Lanterns who were very close to them doing horrible things. So as soon as Hal or someone figures out that letting go of the past and being "at Peace with oneself" will allow them to fight back, they will start dealing with their own emotions and kick some butt.
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