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I had to watch a movie literally called "Murder Mystery" even if it starred Adam Sandler.
Turned out it was a 50:50 mashup of the tired "Adam Sandler films himself and his friends having holiday in beautiful settings and justifies it with unfunny punchlines every other scene" trope and a really clever comedy with clichéd American tourists somehow getting trapped within an Agatha Christie plot about a killer in British high society.
If you replaced Sandler (and Jennifer Aniston, who is terribly miscast as an ordinary blue collar hairdresser), the movie might even be decent. Sure, it would still kill off the two best actors in it first, it would still have Discount Dicaprio as the main Red Herring (I hear Colin Firth was originally considered for that role, and it would have been sooooo much better), and the maharaja is annoying as hell. But the plot works, Dany Boon is amazing (if underused) as the Interpol agent frustrated by Sandler, photography and score are pretty good, and it's always great to see Yukio.

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