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Default Opinions on the Omega Lantern

So... I JUST got done reading all twelve issues of the recent Omega Men series in one sitting. Now I'll admit, I've never been a huge Omega Men fan, but I have enjoyed Tigorr here and there since the R/T War. I'd give the series itself probably 7 out of 10 stars. There were some good moments here and there, even though I don't generally get into comics that preach this or that. There was a lot of Religion vs Politics in the book that really got old after just a few issues. One thing that kinda bugged me was the ending.


In the end of the series the Omega Men rule each of their homeworlds and Kyle is left talking to somebody seemingly from the US government about how eventually Earth will have to venture to the Vega System for the substance to save the world from going boom like Krypton. And then Kyle acted like he didn't know who's side he'd be on in that event.... did that basically end the story of the Omega Men? Making them the kings and queens of their worlds? IDK, it just seemed anti-climactic.

Now back to Kyle... the OMEGA LANTERN. I definitely liked the look for the most part (the art was hit or miss) and the idea of a Lantern on a team like the Omega Men certainly sounded cool. I feel like with this arc and the Renegade Hal story DC was trying to find something like the Guardians of the Galaxy for one of the GLs. With better execution either of them could have been. I gave both of them a chance just because it wasn't the same old same old emotional spectrum story. Had the series been centered more around Kyle Rayner and been from his POV it would've been more enjoyable. The art left a lot to be desired and I can only imagine how amazing it could've looked with more consistent pencils by Eaglesham, Banks, EVS, or Pelletier...

What did everyone else think? Was the Omega Lantern a better sell than White Lantern Kyle? Did Ion 1.0 set too high a bar for all these other attempts at making Kyle unique?


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