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Most of the stuff save for becoming Ion that has happened to Kyle has happened to Hal. Both wore the majority of the rings, both became White Lanterns, both lead the New Guardians, both became Parallax, etc. The only thing Hal has on Kyle now is wearing the gauntlet and that's probably because it happened at the same time. And I think Hal was also a Black Lantern, I don't think Kyle ever was...

I think Kyle is the only one of the Lanterns that powering up actually does something for the franchise as a whole. It's been shown to work. If Warriror, Darkstar John, or Spectre was any good you could make the argument for somebody else... but Kyle is the only one of the bunch who's new status quos still affiliate him with the GLC proper.

If DC wants to take a Lantern and use him in some DC attempt at a GotG type bunch then I'm game. I just wish if they were gonna do it they'd go all in and actually let a creative team make something great and not just something by the numbers and/or *safe*.

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