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It reminded me a lot of the Renegade Hal arc in that the Lantern is given a new mission, a new perspective, and forced to align with characters they normally wouldn't have for an extended period of time.

I much prefer both set-ups to the New Guardians Rainbow Corps, or stories still tied to the emotional spectrum. The only thing that bugged me story-wise about Omega Men was how much time went on during the story. It was over the course of a couple of months along with a war that lasted nearly another two hundred days.

I think with a couple different Omega Men characters involved and a different ending to the twelve issue arc the idea could've moved on to a monthly series. I would've brought in Wildfire [the male Tamaranian] and another random space/cosmic DCU character like Martian Manhunter [since he isn't in the League]. MM should definitely be a cosmic character if he's not gonna be used properly on Earth. There's just too much you can do with him to let it go to waste....

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