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Originally Posted by W.West View Post
Get rid of the higher selling title? Try pitching that to your boss and see how that goes.
Don't really have anything to say to this.

Also, no comic should ever be judged on "uneventful stuff". Its all uneventful. Its superhero comics. Tomorrow your favorite could be reduced to a one line throwaway sentence shared by two characters or even written out of existence.
I'm not entirely sure you understood my comment correctly. I don't believe the stories are eventful in the manner of speaking that one wouldn't be missing much if they chose to completely skip them.

In my opinion, there are no especially great stories (only okay at best), no especially great developments for any characters, and no especially captivating concepts introduced or even reworked in an interesting way. Unless, I guess if "Renegade" or "Lights Out" are your cup of tea, in which case I'd say, "To each their own."

I suppose Oa blew up. But, I mean... I don't really think that added a whole lot. When you hear something like that happened, like Oa blowing up or Kyle Rayner going beyond the Source Wall, it sounds important, but when you actually read it, it's not... really all that good, it's kinda' forgettable, and it doesn't amount to a lot.

I know that interest in Green Lantern comics has fallen considerably in the last 4 or so years, and I don't think that was due to excellent, unforgettable stories being told. There must be some reason that happened.

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