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Creating nonstop characters just to sell a few more action figures is going down a dark path. You usually wind up with silly and frivolous content that way, which is what happened to Green Lantern, in my opinion. It reminds me of toy lines from the 80s and 90s when the manufacturer would just keep spamming ridiculous versions of the characters at you in a desperate attempt to sell more figures, despite it overall watering down their brand. Here's an example, Steel Shock Spider-Man:


Some web splash Spider-Man. That stuff never happened in the cartoon (thankfully). Spider-Man never became "Steel Shock" anything. I remember when all those dumb Spider-Man figures were coming out, and while I'm sad to admit I owned some of the myriad of silly figures, even as a kid, I thought all the shameless ways they would try to sell new figures were ridiculous, and I always thought the regular version of Green Goblin was way better than Asteroid Crash Green Goblin, or whatever.

A lot of times, like with the figures based on the Real Ghostbusters cartoon, for example, you would see the same old figure repackaged with the Ghostbuster wearing a different color and maybe having some new, dumb accessory you never saw in the cartoon.

That type of thing doesn't do any long term good, and I feel Green Lantern may have succumbed to that sort of mindset. "More Corps, more rings, more Earth Lanterns, more entities, we can sell some of this stuff!" What they forgot to realize is that people won't buy it unless it's good and makes good sense within the franchise. Sure, some people may have bought some Red Lantern shirts here and there, but consider the long term ramifications all that spamming of Corps, Earth Lanterns, and whatnot has done to the Green Lantern franchise.

Long story short, if things are great people will want to spend money on them. That doesn't mean it is a good idea to milk the ideas at the expense of the franchise's integrity and quality, though.

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