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Just to be clear, I know the appeal of "forgetting" some of the old stuff. During Gerard Jones' later run on GL, I got annoyed that he seemed to be constantly dredging up old, obscure storylines and making them the linchpin of some new plotline. You DON'T want to write stories that make new readers feel like they need to dive deep into the back-issue bins to understand what's going on, or get why they should care that some character or other has shown up. (It didn't help that he kept pulling up stuff that I thought was horrible the FIRST time I read it, like "The Predator")

But he didn't ALWAYS do that. At the beginning of his run, the whole deal with the mad Guardian and the Mosiac, I LOVED that stuff, and I'd never read the stories it referred to at that point. It IS possible to use old stuff effectively without alienating new readers. And it is also possible to just leave a lot of it in the past without explicitly burning it to the ground.
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