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I'm just completely over on the spectrum shit at this point. Guy's my second favorite GL but I don't think he can carry a book on his own like Kyle has proven he has. And if the emphasis on the franchise moving forward is GREEN Lanterns, then Kyle needs to be in another book somewhere representing.

John is dealing with that Invisible Spectrum shit in JL and now his weird GL ring tattoo. Hal is starring in a monthly book by an epic creative team. If Kyle and Guy aren't gonna be in a GLC title soon then if I was DC and wanted to make some cash I'd stick Kyle in another book [like they have in the past] ASAP.

If some sort of B-team hybrid of second/third generation characters and Titans/Leaguers is what they're wanting to go with then they should just come up with something new or reinvent the Challengers. You could quite literally tell the same stories of JL Odyssey and the last bit of Titans rearranging some characters and calling it something else.

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It's been announced as a 12-issue miniseries to begin with.


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