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Did the last control point against the Outcasts, almost as difficult as the Hyenas was. Now I need to ambush a Black Tusk squad and then craft the holster and I'm good.

Just ran through the Space Admin mission to get the last item and blueprint for the Liberty exotic pistol, which I have just now crafted (can't buy the upgrade blueprint though). Still missing the Pestilence LMG and a couple others it seems, but I'll get there (mostly, because I'm probably never getting the raid's Eagle Bearer).

I finally noticed that doing the invaded versions of missions on hard difficulty doesn't count towards, so I've decided to just eliminate Black Tusk on normal (not even gonna bother doing Tidal Basin on heroic unless I've got a team, because that shit will kill me if I try it alone).

Gonna have to grind 30 foam kills for the Gunner unlock outside of the firing range, because the target dummies don't count for it. Oh well.
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