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Default Green Lantern's Secret Identity

So, I've been reading Showcase vol. 1 of Green Lantern (many of these are re-reads for me) and a couple thoughts and questions have come up regarding Hal's stringent rule of keeping his identity secret early on:

(1) Does anyone remember what issue he actually reveals he is GL to Carol?

I'm apparently not as noble (or maybe determined) as Hal because if the girl of my dreams revealed she was in love with my superhero alter ego, it would take about a second for me to reveal it to her.

(2) Jim Jordan's girlfriend (then wife), Sue, and her insistence that Jim is GL is soooo annoying. Hal clearly should have fixed this mistake lest something bad had happened (heck she jumps off a roof in her first appearance because of it).

(3) Which leads to my other question ... if you were a GL, would you keep your real identity secret? Who would you let know? Personally, I think letting your family (like Hal's brothers) know is a no-brainer because (a) they deserve to know it was Hal if GL was seriously hurt or killed; and (b) they'd be at least a little prepared should some baddie find out and attack them.

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