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I'm really liking the targeted loot system in Division 2, managed to spend the whole fucking weekend hunting up gear seats so I could get a weaksauce Aces & Eights build. I need to get a different chest and probably a different backpack for it, but for now it'll sit as a cute placeholder until I can work some more magic upon it.

Almost have Legend rank in season 8 of Destiny 2, should hit valor reset tomorrow night. Got a lucky drop with the Hunter Iron Banner arms and have progressed my Broadsword quest to the next stage (fuck the 75 double kills, that shit was a grind), but getting 20 fusion rifle kills in one night to progress the IB quest probably won't happen until the next one rolls around.

Managed to get just past the 600 mark for DZ extractions in Division 1, but I haven't had time to play it much given all the Div 2 changes that I've been experimenting with. I'll spend a chunk of this coming week playing Division 1 for the Outbreak global event so that I can finally work towards the last mask I need (CBRN, 170 marked headshots during missions). Hopefully that isn't especially difficult and hopefully I won't have to wait until it rolls around again, months from now.
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