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Got home a few days ago, and began catching up on Destiny 2. Burned through the Shadowkeep storyline and did some haunted forest, but now I'm on the light grind to 960 (currently at 911).

Also got Modern Warfare last night, and have played less than hour so far, but it's pretty solid. Well built, good looking, and fast. Probably gonna play the campaign over the weekend, but until then, I'll just continue to dabble with multiplayer.

On a side note, the way MW is set up to download and install is brilliant. Each piece of the game is its own download file, so if you don't want certain game modes, you can speed up the download by simply not downloading them. I only got the campaign and multiplayer, leaving special ops and survival behind, since I'll likely never care to play them, and once I'm done with the campaign, I'll probably delete it all and redownload just the multiplayer to save space. I really hope more games do this in the future.
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