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Actually got around to unlocked the Technician specialization for Division 2, so I'll need to do all kinds of activities to level that up. Of course, now that I have that spec open, I can actually throw together a genuine skill build like I've been wanting to. Only real problem was using pulse on three Black Tusk mini-tanks, which I had to both find roaming and get used to a skill I'd never touched before. Also had to get a lucky shot to break a boss's weak point before killing her. Now that's all done.

That said, I need to redo the builds I have and customize them a bit better, as well as go through my inventory yet again and figure out exactly what I want to do with most of the shit I've got. Hell if I know if I'll ever actually get around to it, but I should get a raid build just so I at least have a chance at using it.

I also FINALLY finished bringing my second character to world tier 5, so now I have another toon to throw builds onto. Only drawback is that since I took so long to level it, none of the specializations are filled out, so I'll need to grind through all that again. Even more painful since I still have not filled out the Gunner spec and I've had that unlocked for a damn while now.

In addition to now being able to make a variety of builds, I tried to piece together a build someone on Reddit suggested. It did seem like a good idea, but they barely described it so I'm pretty sure that either they fucked up their own advice or they had very specific pieces that I barely came anywhere near. My build is so middle-of-the-road that it can't accomplish half of what it needs to, I have a redundant talent, and I am very sure that I'm just going to end up scrapping the whole thing because it can't get shit done. Some of the pieces are worth holding onto for now because they have a stat or two that can be transferred, but otherwise I'm very certain I'll ditch this particular setup.

And the Gunrunner secret merchant is selling a near-perfect weapon (part of the reason I spent the day finishing the Technician unlock), but of course the damn vendor won't show up until tomorrow evening because she runs on her own fucking schedule rather than anything that makes sense. Once you find her location, if she isn't already there, then she won't be there for at least a goddamn day. I've heard a lot lately that she's bugged and needs attention from the devs, but this is really a stupid problem that makes finding her a worthless chore. Hopefully her stock is the same tomorrow night or I'm gonna miss out on something good.
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