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Okay, so after posting numerous samples of my collection in "last purchase" thread, I received a few requests to start my own thread here. A few explanations: first off, the title comes from what I call my den, but I won't be posting pix of that (which actually contains the bulk of my "show" pieces) until after I clean it again this week [as corny as it sounds, everyone gets why I call it the FoS when they've been there]. Secondly, unlike some of you, my collection isn't in any one place. Since I'm single and I have at least two whole rooms I can freely decorate to my extremely dorky tastes, my stuff is all over the place and usually occupying shelves or surfaces that serve some other function (desk, DVD or book shelves etc.).

So, I'll start with my bedroom and around my desk. First up is the little shelf I keep my TV-related DVDs on (shows must be separated from movies) and then my "work" desk.

(these are the only statues I have. I intend to get more, but then I'll have to find a new space.)

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