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The difference with Baz and Cruz was that they were new GLs that were created with the intent that they would interact with the rest of the DC heroes in the mainstream DCU, when there were already perfectly good GLs around who could show up in Justice League, or function as GL of Earth. Baz and Cruz didn't really fill a new role. They were just sort of extra.

This character is, so far as I can tell, not going to be interacting with the rest of the DCU, but just off in their own corner, filling a somewhat unique role created just for this series.

Frankly, I wouldn't WANT one of the more established GLs to be the headliner of this new series, as that would mean they would basically disappear from the larger DCU (or else that this series, which seems like an interesting stand-alone concept, would end up getting dragged in to all the crossover shenanigans, probably to its detriment).

(That said, I COULD see John filling the role described here, especially if TPTB were going to acknowledge the existence of "Mosiac" as part of his past. I'm not sure I'd want him shuffled off to the far reaches of the universe by himself, though.)
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