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I like that. Space-Riggs. And I agree, John doesn't fit the Space-Murtaugh role, but the Corps itself does, predominantly the Guardians if you really press the analogy. It's a cop show trope as old as cop shows, but if you think about it the premise gorgeously fits. Cop is outside the lines, does things his way, but you can't argue the results. Hard ass old school captain (Guardians, Salaak, take your pick) constantly busting his chops but knows he's ridiculously effective so gives him the reins to be that streetwise cop.

That also dovetails into the personality I've always pictured in Hal. Dogged. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but not exactly stupid either. Just incomparably resilient, but every problem looks like a nail when you're a hammer. Whether that's bad guys from outer space or the skirt of the latest gal, he's got a formula of his own that translates to using the hardware he's got at full throttle, from the hip, without a lot of cognizant thought or detailed plans. If that fails, add more of the same based on what you now see or what's changed, a read and react style that adds a layer of unpredictability but draws from not just his fighter/test pilot background, but his experience with the ring. He's the guy that pulls the 4G inverted negative dive within three meters and takes a polaroid of the Russian pilot. Not because it's right, not because it's even smart. Because it made sense at the time and I'll be damned if it doesn't work more times than not.

It's somewhat shallow, but every one of us either know or have known that guy. They seem bulletproof. When things go well we sit back and think, "that lucky bastard", as the pieces fall into place and even if we see them fail, which is rarely, they find a way to grease themselves out of it. That's Hal in a nutshell. Those people ARE a little shallow. A lot lucky. Apply experience as a means to an end and stay on the attack. Plus it's fun as a character premise. Riggs meets Maverick meets Beatrix Kiddo with a dash of James T. Kirk and Leonidas thrown in for good measure.
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